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Agia Marina Chapel

About 1500 metres south of the village of Pyrgos, in a tract of land sized 33 "skales" (plural, 1 "skala" = 14400 sq. ft.) and in the midst of 300 carob-trees, stands the small, stone-made country church of Saint Marina.  The only extant parts were the remains of the chancel of the small church.  In 1951 the inhabitants of the community started fund-raisers and tended for its restoration, aiming to re-erect the country church.  Internally, it is a small, flat church with a simple, wooden icon screen.  It has a capacity of 30 to 40 persons.  There are four portable icons.  To the right there is the icon of Christ and a bit further the icon of Saint john the Baptist.  On the left there is the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary and right next to it the icon of Saint John the Theologian.  The silver (after a donation) icon of Saint Marina is kept in the main church of the village ("Panagia Pyrgotissa").  It is placed upon a special kneeling-desk right next to the kneeling desk of the Virgin Mary's Assumption.  During the Saint's day on the 17th of July, the silver icon of Saint Marina is carried to the small country church for its procession.  It is worth mentioning that on the 17th of July, when the celebration of Saint Marina takes place, a great fair takes place in the small church.  Hundreds of believers come to it on that day so as to receive their solemn promise and adore Saint Marina.