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The Community Council of Pyrgos, has already finished enough works of infrastructure of its community, that aim to the upgrade of the community and its transformation in a modern village, that might offer to its residents a better quality of life. Certain works, which are already finished, are the following:

  1. The Community Park that is found opposite of the offices of the Community Council and includes cafe, spaces of green, playground, fountain, chairs, lighting and places to rest.
  2. The building of the Community Council that includes the offices of its president and other offices of the Council, medical center, public kindergarten with courtyard, meetings rooms and rooms for multiple uses.
  3. Naming and numeration of all the streets and houses of the community.
  4. Attendance in the manufacture of the coastal street having the 1/5 share of cost, that was £ 1.900.000
  5. The Community Park "Eftychia" that is found in the north of the new coastal street, opposite of the hotel Agios Rafael and includes spaces of green, chairs and lighting.