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Panagia Pyrgotissa

The main church of the village is dedicated to "Panagia Pyrgotissa" (Blessed Virgin Mary of Pyrgos).  The church, which is located at the entrance of the village, started being built around 1886 with very strong foundations that were three metres deep below the earth's surface.  About forty labourers were working then without getting paid and with just one meal per day as their reward, which was also an offer by the village's women.  They carried stones from the mountain across all day long.  This was done sometimes by hand and sometimes using donkeys, just so as to fulfil the solemn promise to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Pyrgos. 

Externally, the church is made of stone and has apses.  On the outside it is decorated with various designs and representations of angels.  The church was completed in 1902, having the architectural form of a single-aisle Basilica.  It has a capacity of 200 persons.  Internally, the church has a few faded frescoes of the Saints Spyridon, Nicolas, Theodoros, Antonios, Iakovos, and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.  Certainly, the presence of the old, wooden icon screen in the church is essential -since it separates the High Altar from the main temple -just like the presence of the Psalters, the Cherubim, and the wooden stools for the faithful.  In 1949 the women's loft of the church was renovated, with all the expenses paid by the villagers, offering an enjoyable view and being of an amphitheatre-like type, so that the women would be able to observe the mass.

The Virgin Mary of Pyrgos celebrates on the 15th of August, when a great fair takes place in the Community.  Various vendors gather there so as to sell their goods, as also do the traditional doughnut makers who offer the known traditional "loukkoumades" (kind of fried doughnut with honey) as well as the renowned "shiamishi"  (kind of fritter with honey).  There is also a musical evening with the known traditional songs and dances.